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2013 Seminar 6

Abrahamic Traditions: Tri-Faith Initiative

  • Dr. Syed M. Mohiuddin, President of the American Institute of Islamic Studies and Culture, and Head of Medicine at Creighton University
  •  The Rev. Canon Timothy Anderson, from the Episcopal Diocese of Nebraska
  •  Rabbi Jon Meyers, from Temple Israel

The Tri-Faith Initiative is a remarkable joining of Christians, Muslims, and Jews in Omaha, NE. The three faiths share a plot of land, some common spaces, a coordinating council, and leadership. Led by an Episcopal priest, a Rabbi and Imam, the three faith communities seek to go where “no one has gone before,” worshipping and serving the God of Abraham. This seminar will explore the life and ministry of the Tri-Faith initiative. Members of the three communities were present to lead the conversation.