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2012 Opening Worship Service

2012 Plenary: Vatican II at 50

2012 Plenary Luncheon

Called to Be One Family: Catholicity Embraces the Whole
Bishop Steven Charleston

2012 Seminar 1

The Art of Ecumenical and Religious Exchange
Fr. Leo Walsh (Catholic)

2012 Seminar 2

Reading Each Others’ Scriptures
The Rev. Darryn Hewson (United Methodist), Rabbi Abby Jacobson and Imam Imad Enchassi

2012 Seminar 3

Ecumenical Advocacy
Shirley Cox (Catholic) and Richard Klinge (Catholic)

2012 Seminar 4

The Hope of Eternal Life: Common Statement—U.S. Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue
Dr. Michael Root (Catholic)

2012 Seminar 5

By the Numbers: A Quantitative Look at the American Religious Landscape
The Rev. Dr. Eileen Lindner (PC-USA)