2012 Seminar 8

Ecumenical Engagement: Providing Healing and Hope Throughout the Disaster Cycle
The Rev. Mary Gaudreau (United Methodist)

2012 Seminar 9

Christian Response to Peace and Non-Violence

Dr. Michael Trice (Lutheran), Jordan Blevins (Brethren), and Ronaldo Cruz, a Pax Christi representative (Catholic)

2009 Closing Plenary Address

Rev. Dr. Cecil “Mel” Robeck, Jr.
Professor of Church History and Ecumenics and Director of the David J. DuPlessis Center for Christian Spirituality, Fuller Theological Seminary

Rev. Dr. Cecil “Mel” Robeck, Jr.
Rev. Dr. Cecil “Mel” Robeck, Jr.

2009 Bible Study: Margaret Mitchell

Dr. Margaret Mitchell, Professor of New Testament and Early Christian Literature at the University of Chicago Divinity School, led the attendees in a study in which she shared some of her work on the Corinthian letters.  The NWCU Bible Study is sponsored by the American Bible Society which makes a generous gift to help underwrite the cost of our event.  Prof. Mitchell is currently revising for publication her 2008 Speaker’s Lectures at Oxford University,“The Corinthian Correspondence and the Birth of Christian Hermeneutics,”  She worked to give us an overview of how I Corinthians should be approached and read.   She reminded us that the central message is an appeal for Christian Unity in which St. Paul warns that Christ’s Body is being torn “limb to limb.”  Paul calls for reconciliation, using the medical term which in Greek refers to the act of re-setting a dislocated limb.  Paul warns them that those who destroy the unity of the Body will be destroyed by God.

2009 Keynote Address

In their first Plenary Session, attendees heard the NWCU Keynote Address, which was again sponsored by Order of St. Lazarus.  Making the Keynote Address, for the 2009 NWCU, was Metropolitan Gerasimos, Greek Orthodox Metropolitan for the Archdiocese of San Francisco.

Metropolitan Girasimos’s address raised important issues and at the same time challenged participants.  In his opening remarks he said, “Where is the common base from which we can rebuild the Body of Christ?”

He reminded us that the task of Christians is to keep the Body of Christ united, and where it is divided, to work for its reconciliation.

2009 Opening Worship Sermon by Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick

The sermon was delivered by the Rev. Dr. Clifton Kirkpatrick, President of the World Alliance of Reformed (WARC). Prior to his retirement in 2008, Dr. Kirkpatrick served as the Stated Clerk of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The service included several anthem by Choirs and Musical Performers from the Phoenix area.

2009 Seminar 3


Dr. Louis Weil

Rev. Dr. Louis Weil
Rev. Dr. Louis Weil

This seminar is the second in a three-year series on “Baptism, Eucharist, and Ministry,” Faith and Order Paper No. 111 issued by the World Council of Churches in 1982. This year’s focus will be on the theological and practical implications of Eucharist. Among items to be discussed is whether increased mutual understanding expressed in the statement may allow some churches to attain a greater measure of eucharistic communion among themselves, and so bring closer the day when Christ’s divided people will be visibly reunited around the Lord’s Table in the Church’s highest act, the praise of God.