National Workshop on Christian Unity – Magee Foundation Recipient

The 2017 National Workshop on Christian Unity received a gift of $6,000 from the Magee Foundation.  The Foundation supports Christian Education programs, including programs aimed at individuals preparing for church-related vocations. 

In 2017 the National Workshop advanced a renewed commitment to work on building and growing relationships among Christians from different ecclesiastical traditions.  A major theme that energized workshop participants was a common commitment to take concrete steps to continue our journey together as followers of Jesus to advance reconciliation, witness, and common ministry.  The workshop marked the 500th anniversary of the Reformation with an emphasis on reflection, repentance, and reconciliation.   

The National Workshop on Christian Unity is one of the largest events of its kind that brings together national church body leaders, experts in bilateral dialogues, and advocates for social justice.  Support from foundations such as the Magee Foundation helps to provide a promising future for the ongoing work and ministry that takes place through the National Workshop.

Equipping Church Leaders in the Quest for Christian Unity