Houston, TX 2020 / Garden Grove, CA 2021

Christ Cathedral, Garden Grove, CA

To those who registered for NWCU 2020:

We know you are as disappointed as we are that the 2020 National Workshop on Christian Unity had to be cancelled last month. For 55 years National Workshop on Christian Unity has been an annual event, and we hope beginning in 2021 an unbroken string will start up anew.

The National Ecumenical Officers Association (the parent/owner of NWCU) and the National Planning Committee have thought long and hard about next steps for the Workshop. We do not believe it feasible to reschedule for later in the year – calendars are just too full already.

Thus, we are going ahead with planning 2021. Tura Foster Gillespie and Fr. Don Rooney have agreed to continue as co-chairs for the event. We have dates – April 12-15 2021, the Second week of the Easter season in the Western calendar and well before Holy Week in the Eastern. We have a location – Christ Cathedral (formerly Dr. Robert Schuller’s Crystal Cathedral) in Garden Grove, California. And we are already lining up speakers, including some of our major speakers from 2020.

Christ Cathedral offers us onsite facilities that will allow for all our activities to take place there. You will be free to choose your own lodging from available hotels or alternative sources.

We hope that you will keep your registration fees with us in advance of next year, and we will guarantee no price increase if you do. If your judicatory sends someone else instead of you next year, the registration will of course be transferable. We believe this arrangement can be advantageous with costs already expended from this year’s budget, given that for many of us, next year’s budgets will be even tighter after this year’s COVID-19 crisis.

At the same time, we are happy to arrange refunds for those who wish them. If you wish to request a refund, please do so no later than May 15, by sending an email to NWCU2020@gmail.com. We will try to process all requests in fewer than 30 days from receipt.

Thank you for your support of NWCU. We look forward to seeing you in Southern California next April!

With prayer for your ministries and good wishes in this Holy Season,

NEOA: Margaret Rose, Kathryn Lohre, Jean Hawxhurst, Fr. Walter Kedjierski, James Biegler

NWCU Co-Chairs: Tura Foster Gillespie, Fr. Don Rooney

Equipping Church Leaders in the Quest for Christian Unity